Nortex Black day of dead Face Mask.

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One size , very stretchy soft elastic over ears 

Nortex fabric ⬇️

Tests for 24hr vapor permeability have shown that Nortex fabrics are more breathable than other brands; the breathability process begins at a much lower relative humidity (40%). This allows the fabric, based on the activity level performed to start aerating the humidity much sooner, in order to achieve the "no sweat" factor.
WATERPROOF High level hydrostatic water; pressure resistance (up to 16,000/mm) assures a waterproof performance of the highest standard. WINDPROOF Nortex laminated membrane and shell system perform as a protective wind stopper during adverse conditions while maintaining breathability. WASHING Tests have shown that it washes much better than other fabrics, as it doesn't lose any of its properties even after many washes.